Patty PostDirector of Golf Program, University of Delaware
"The Camp is a great opportunity for US college coaches to provide valuable instruction to the Thai junior golfers. It also gives the junior golfers a chance to ask questions and learn more about about college in the U.S."
Chawwadee RompothongHead Coach, Yale University
"I am very excited for the first US College Sports Camp in Thailand. I see more and more talented young players coming from Asia and this is a great opportunity to educated them on playing golf in the US. I would love to see more players from Asia continue playing and getting their education in the U.S."
Rhyll BrinsmeadHead Coach, Kennesaw State University
“When asked to participate in the inaugural US College Sports Camp in Asia I did not hesitate to accept, this camp is set to be one of the premier camps in the world. The work that the staff has put forth in organizing the event is testament to the quality service the athletes can expect. As a Division 1 college golf coach I am always looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge and this camp will not only provide a great opportunity for the athletes but also the coaches and staff involved. This camp truly is one of kind and will be a very unique experience for all involved. I look forward to watching the camp expand and to be involved in years to come.”
Brian BrodellPurdue University
"As a coach I couldn’t be more excite for this opportunity. Getting to travel to Thailand and be in contact with the best athletes over there is remarkable. I am looking forward to explaining what college athletics are all about."
Jen PlanteFounder of Empowering Sports
"The US College Camps – Asia in Thailand will be a significant experience for everyone involved. The commitment from the Thai community in creating this event, not only from a playing experience but from an educational standpoint, will set itself apart from all other events. Empowering Sports is an educational firm in the United States and we are thrilled to have been invited to join the staff. There are so many great events and athletes in the world and we believe that if extra steps are taken to educate the athletes, a true difference can be made on and off the playing surface. These athletes will walk away from this event, not only better golfers but more educated in all facets of the game and in life. I would like to offer many thanks to the athletes and their parents who are in attendance, the staff which traveled from the United States, and the organizers of the event. I am very excited to learn more about the culture and work ethic of the athletes and how we can best introduce them to the US College experience."
Todd BrownAcademic Compliance, University of Southern Utah
"For any individual who is thinking about or wants to participate in collegiate athletics, I think it is essential for them to have a full understanding of all the requirements. Making sure you meet all the initial eligibility requirements for participation prior to attending college, is paramount in ensuring an enjoyable start to your collegiate career."
Gary Glassman Tennis Head Coach, Stony Brook University
"I’m very excited and honored to be a part of the 1st US College Sports Camp in Asia. I’m really looking forward to meeting and working with all of the players and coaches that will" be in attendance. Furthermore, it will be a great opportunity to educate them on the benefits of being a student/athlete in the US University system.
Derek GwinnDirector for Compliance, Department of Athletics, Virginia Tech University
"There are countless areas around the world that produce some of the world’s top talent. Some of these areas are uninformed about the opportunities that exist for them in the United States of America as a NCAA student-athlete. Scholarships and the ability to improve athletically are incredibly valuable for a young person as they try to develop as a student and athlete. This camp provides all the information and tools that a rising talent needs to pursue those opportunities at a NCAA college or university."